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When in doubt look no further, use Rose water


Rose water also called as ‘Gulab Jal’ in India is a boon to mankind. First of all it can be used on any skin type and in the preparation of any face pack. That’s right, no doubts here, just add rose water into your favorite moisturizer, face pack, just spray over your face regardless of which skin type you are, isn’t that really cool?

It can easily be prepared at home from fresh roses (If you want me to do a separate post on how to make rosewater at home then do mention in the comments below) as well as is easily available in stores. Due to its ease in availability and budget friendly nature it is a staple in every Indian home especially when it comes to beauty. It is even used to flavour certain Indian sweet dishes.

Rose water is power packed with benefits and is versatile when it comes to concocting any face pack. Due to its multi beneficial nature it can serve more than one purpose when it comes to providing sufficient care to the skin.

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  1. Beautiful fragrance(of course!)
  2. Softens skin
  3. Brightens skin
  4. Provides natural healthy glow
  5. Maintains skin’s pH balance
  6. Cools, stimulates and refreshes skin
  7. Tones and balances skin
  8. Hydrates and moisturizes
  9. Has antioxidant properties that help regenerate skin cells and acts as a great anti-ageing agent and keeps wrinkles away
  10. Due to its anti-bacterial properties it helps fight acne and tones skin
  11. Anti-inflammatory properties makes it soothing for dry skin
  12. Clarifying properties help remove dirt, oil and other impurities from within the skin’s pores
  13. Anti-septic properties helps soothe skin from wounds
  14. Anti-bacterial properties heal acne scars and marks
  15. Enhances cell regeneration
  16. Stimulates blood circulation
  17. Suitable for cleansing all skin types
  18. Great for under eye skin issues

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  1. Availability

Rose water is easily available in any local food store or supermarket.

  1. Versatility
  • Rose water can be used in all face masks

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  • Blends well with any ingredient
  • Just add a few drops in any face pack that you wish to prepare or adjust the amount based on the consistency you wish to obtain for the particular pack
  • It can also be included in face scrubs
  • You can even add it to your favourite moisturizer
  • You can use it as make up setting spray
  • You can use it as refreshing mist
  1. Budget friendly

You can buy this without making a hole in your pocket. It also serves as a setting spray after makeup and refreshing spray during travels (as mentioned above). So, basically many of my needs are met with this one product which makes me save up a lot not just in the product itself but also replaces the other products which would otherwise cost a lot.

  1. Suitability

It is suitable for all skin types and especially benefits dry skin.

  1. Handles CTM (Cleanse Tone Moisturize)

Rose water cleanses, tones and moisturises hence on those days that I stay indoors and when my skin doesn’t require any extra cleansing I just stick to rose water which completes the CTM procedure in one go.

  1. Portable

It can easily be carried around in a small travel size spray bottle. I carry it with me whenever I do long travels. It’s a great way refresh your face.

  1. Amazing fragrance

Is this something to be said in particular? Of course it smells amazing! Its made from roses y’all!!



  1. As toner

After cleansing my face I like to apply rose water to tone my skin rather than store bought toners which are not only chemical laden but also can be harmful to the skin in the long run.

Not only is this easily available and affordable but is also great for the skin by providing much more benefits than usual toners.

Method 1:

Dip cotton ball in chilled rosewater and rub over face (recommended)

Method 2:

Splash rose water onto face and wash face with the rose water (this can lead to wastage of more rosewater than required and hence I don’t fancy this much)

Method 3:

Pour rosewater into a spray bottle and spritz over face. Take care it covers you entire face and use clean fingers to spread all over face.

  1. As moisturizer

I don’t rely on moisturizer religiously especially during summer. However I also need to provide my skin with the required moisture it needs. Rosewater is my solution on days like these leaving my skin soft, supple and hydrated with the required amount of moisture.

In case you are dry skinned and cant skip the moisturizer whatsoever but also want the goodness that rosewater provides then you can mix few drops of rose water into your moisturizer before applying on your face.

  1. As cleanser

Method 1:

Rose water stored in a spray bottle can be used to spritz the face with, in order to provide the necessary cleansing and refreshing. Spritzing the face with rose water helps get rid of dirt from pores. This spray bottle can be stored in the fridge for further use and can also be carried along to be used on the go.

Method 2:

Pour rose water into an ice cube tray and place in freezer. When you want to cleanse your face just rub the ice cube over the face for instant freshness and cleansing.

  1. As facial mist

Method 1(refreshing facial mist):

This is similar to method 1 mentioned above in Rose water as a cleanser. Spritzing the face with rose water helps get rid of dirt from pores. This spray bottle can be stored in the fridge for further use and can also be carried along to be used on the go and serves as a refreshing facial mist.

Method 2(moisturizing facial mist):

Pour 4 parts rose water with one part glycerine and store in a spray bottle. Spray on whenever your face requires that extra jolt of moisture.

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  1. As acne remover/ tan removal

Method 1:

Mix rose water with equal amount of lemon juice and use over affected area. This helps get rid of acne by removing dirt and grime from pores and also helps get rid of tan and provides brighter skin.

Method 2:

Lemon in the above method can be replaced for tomato juice and similar results can be obtained. Also tomato juice is great for oily skin.

  1. As makeup remover

Mix rose water with argan oil or olive oil or coconut oil and use it over a cotton pad. Dab the face with the cotton pad to remove excess oil, sebum and make up from the face.

  1. As lip stain

Beetroot dried out in sun made to powder mixed with rose water used as lip stain

  1. For a soothing bath

For a small amount of rose water into your tub for a soothing and skin smoothening bath

  1. To reduce under eye puffiness

Dab cotton dipped in rose water over under eye area to reduce puffiness. It is better to use chilled rose water if you do not have sinus issues.

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What do you think

Tell me how you find rose water beneficial for you and do share this with anyone for whom it may be useful.

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