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The one sandalwood face mask that works wonders in just one application

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There is a sandalwood face mask that I apply on a regular basis that I swear by. Let me call it the ‘sandal wonder mask’. I love this so much because it provides me with so many benefits even in just one application. That’s right, you heard me, in just one application I get to actually see a significant difference in my skin texture. Also, this face mask benefits my skin in multiple ways, so I am able to pamper my skin by providing it with many benefits in one go. So, what are these benefits I am talking of? Lets a take a look.

Benefits of the ‘sandal wonder mask’

1. It provides instant skin brightening making the skin look fairer than normal
2. Helps in getting rid of tanned skin
3. It leaves the skin looking fresh and clean
4. It moisturizes the skin well
5. It sucks out any extra oiliness produced naturally by the skin
6. It makes the skin texture feel soft and supple
7. It is a great natural toner for the skin
8. Helps get rid of acne, blemishes and dark spots
9. Suits all skin types
10. It is a great anti- ageing face mask
11. It smells great

On those days that I use the ‘sandal wonder mask’, I don’t use any other toner, cleanser or moisturizer because all the three qualities of toning, moisturizing and cleansing are packed into this one mask.
When it comes to getting rid of tanned skin, in order to get rid of the tanning completely you need to use it twice a week until you get rid of the tan completely. However I can promise you even in just one application you will be able to make out the difference.

The ‘sandal wonder mask’ not only benefits all skin types but also can be used at any time of the year (summer or winter). It provides the much needed moisture during dry seasons or when you have dry skin issues or if you are born with dry skin. What’s more interesting is that it removes any excess oils in case of oily skinned people and also draws out any extra moisture that the skin may secrete at certain parts of the face thus benefiting those with combination skin type. Those with sensitive skin needn’t worry either as this mask is mild on the skin. It also smells really good so I don’t mind using it every now and then.

Excited much? Alright, without further ado I will list the ingredients to this great mask.

The ‘Sandal Wonder Mask’


1. White sandalwood powder – 1 teaspoon
2. Turmeric powder                 – 1/2teaspoon
3. Yogurt                                    –  1/2teaspoon
4. Milk                                        – 1/2teaspoon (avoid this in case you have oily skin)
5. Rose water                            – 1teaspoon (add more or less based on consistency)
6. Honey                                    – 1/4-1/2 teaspoon (if honey darkens your skin after you use it then use only 1/4                                                                                                         teaspoon or avoid it completely)


1. Mix all of the above together to form a paste
2. Apply over face
3. Leave the mask on for 15 – 20 minutes or until you feel the mask dry and tighten on your skin.
4. Wash off with cold water
5. Towel dry with a clean towel
6. Say hello to brighter fresher beautiful skin

Things to take care:

1. In case you feel the paste is too thick loosen it by adding rosewater according to your required consistency, However, try not make it too watery or else it will be difficult to apply on the face due to the runniness.
2. By the way white sandalwood powder is different from red sandalwood powder. Please don’t use red sandalwood powder for this mask. If you want to know the difference between the two powders, leave a comment and I will do a separate blog post on it.
3. In case of sensitive skin, please avoid yoghurt and milk.
4. In case of oily or combination skin, please avoid milk.
5. Do not use this mask excessively. However, you can make it a weekly ritual or even twice a week in case of getting rid of a tan but try to avoid using it more than twice a week.
6. In case of leftover store it in the fridge and use it for the next time. If you find it hard when you take it out of the fridge, loosen it by adding some milk/ rosewater. (I personally prefer rosewater).

Individual Ingredient Benefit

I have mentioned about the benefits of the ‘sandal wonder mask’ in general above. Now I will mention which ingredient aids in providing those benefits to make this a wonder mask.

White Sandalwood powder:

1. Balances both dry and oily skin
2. Provides moisture
3. Draws out excess oil
4. Suitable for all skin types
5. It smells great
6. Provides skin brightening
7. Helps in getting rid of tan


1. Excellent anti-ageing agent
2. Provides skin fairness
3. Gets rid of tan
4. Helps reduce acne, blemishes, dark spots


1. Excellent skin cleansing and moisturizing agent
2. Skin brightener
3. Makes skin look younger
4. Firms skin texture


1. Great moisturizer
2. Provides soft and supple skin

Rose water:

1. Great toner
2. Clears and refreshes skin


1. Anti- bacterial in nature and hence helps in getting rid of acne
2. Lightens skin
3. Softens and smoothens skin texture

What do you think?

All these benefits of each individual ingredient round up to the amazing score provided by the ‘sandal wonder mask’. Have you not tried this mask yet? Well what are you waiting for? It is simple to concoct, easy to use and takes up around just twenty minutes of your time in a week. Do try it and let me know of how it works for you. Leave your comments below.

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