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Jessica Alba’s DIY Skincare Tips and Review on her Book “The Honest Life”

Last weekend, my husband and I met with our friends. We normally have these couple outings once in a while on weekends. During our last meeting, my friend Surumi gave me a book, “The Honest Life” by Jessica Alba, saying it will help me with my blog. I am glad she felt so as it helped me do this post. I am really grateful to her and to all my friends who have shown keen interest in helping me out with my blog. I love you guys!

The Honest Life -By Jessica Alba

For those who want to skip the intro and go directly to the DIY Skin care Recipes by Jessica Alba, CLICK HERE. However I highly recommend you read the intro as I have shared a description about what is in the book, in case you are interested in buying it.

In this book, Jessica explains to you how to live honestly (by honest she means healthy). I love the way she uses the word honest by which she is trying to convey how to be true to yourself by using safer, eco-friendly, healthier alternatives rather than fooling yourself with the chemical laden harmful-to-nature products just because you think that’s easier and cost effective.

Jessica Alba

Being safe and eco-friendly may seem to some as spending more time and money but that’s where she simplifies it by showing how minor changes in our everyday lifestyle can change our outlook towards living a healthy toxin free lifestyle. She shows how living healthy is not just for celebrities but can be enjoyed by normal household moms too.

She explains in detail about the precise attention that she gives to each and every aspect of her lifestyle be it the food she eats, maintaining skin cleanliness, looking beautiful, wearing stylish clothes, creating a beautiful looking home or being a wonderful parent . She briefs out, with élan, how even normal busy people can achieve all this with not-so-costly non-time-consuming options. She also points out the adverse effects chemicals have on our body in the everyday otherwise normal stuff that we use and would not take care to have second thoughts about.

What, I am sure you will love about this book is, it does not keep on bragging about unhealthy living or using any difficult terms that normal people do not understand. Jessica, though a successful actor and sought after celebrity but humble as the person she is, understands the worries of a normal person, a caring mother, an anxious civilian and concerned human being to make you apprehend how to make affordable, healthy, nontoxic choices for your family without sacrificing style.

PS:- The book was printed with soy inks on 30% PCW recycled paper. Like, WOW!

What motivated Jessica Alba to write “The Honest Life”?

This is pretty interesting because it all started out for her with a load of laundry which included her kidreg_634.2alba.ls.31513s’ clothes and left her wondering if the detergent was safe enough for her baby. Jessica, cute as she looks wondered out aloud a lot of questions. All of these questions are questions any concerned mother would wonder when it comes to her family. Determined, she set out to find answers and the selfless heart within her bore the book “The Honest Life”.

All the sentences in quotes below are excerpts directly taken from the book.

“..I was sick of being told that “healthy”, “safe” and “eco” means “boring”, “beige” and “blah”- not to mention, crazy expensive and hard to find. Which really doesn’t add up right?”– Jessica Alba

“today there are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market that have never been properly studied to see if they are toxic to our health” – Jessica Alba

“Jessica kept searching the world for the highest quality and purest products, and she kept running into walls” Christopher Gavigan

“I’ve always been impressed by her thorough knowledge of the health risks of toxic chemicals and her instinctive scrutiny of claims made by supposedly safer or eco-friendly products”– Christopher Gavigan

DIY Skin Care Recipes

“One way I offset some of the higher-priced products in my bathroom cabinets is by figuring out which kind of products I don’t have to buy- because I can make them myself right in my kitchen. I grew up watching my grandmother and my mother do the same, so I wanted to share a few recipes with you” – Jessica Albao-HONEST-CO-900

She has mentioned DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Recipes that she uses for her FACE, HAIR and BODY. All recipes mentioned below are adapted directly from the book.

For Face
Face Coffee Scrub


1. 1tbsp finely ground coffee
2. ½ cup full fat Greek yoghurt
3. A squirt of lemon juice (for oily skin)
4. 1tbsp coconut oil (for dry skin)

1. Mix the ground coffee and yoghurt together
2. Add lemon if you have oily skin or else add coconut oil if you have dry skin.
3. Apply to skin using gentle circular motion
4. Let dry
5. Wash off

Jessica’s comments:
1. “I like to exfoliate with coffee grounds because they are high in antioxidants and the caffeine reduces puffiness.”
2. “finely ground oatmeal is a great alternative”
3. “baking soda also works if you’re breaking out and need something a bit more aggressive

For Hair
Hair Clarifying Apple Cider Rinse

1. 2tbsp apple cider vinegar
2. 1 cup water

1. Add the vinegar into water
2. Pour over hair
3. Rinse out

Jessica’s comments:
1. “This is great for getting rid of build-up.”
2. “it makes your hair crazy soft”

Avocado and Olive Oil Mask


1. 2 Avocados
2. 1 cup olive oil

1. Mash up the avocados.
2. Add olive oil
3. Apply this just to the ends of your hair
4. Don’t apply on roots
5. Wrap your hair in a towel or plastic bag
6. Sit in the sun or hair dryer for 5 to 15 minutes
7. Rinse out. Use cold water for extra shine.

Jessica’s comments:
1. “the heat will help all that moisturizing omega-3 fatty acid goodness penetrate more deeply.”
2. “your hair will be silky soft”

For Body
Body Lavender Salt Bath


1. Few drops of lavender essential oil
2. Few drops of chamomile essential oil
3. 1 cup Epsom salts

1. Add the essential oil onto the Epsom salts
2. Sprinkle above into bath

Jessica’s comments:
1. “for a lovely relaxing soak”
2. “if you want more of a pick-me-up try a mixture of ginger, peppermint and lemon” essential oils.

Vanilla Sugar Scrub

1. Olive oil or coconut oil
2. Sugar
3. Few drops of vanilla extract (or your favorite essential oil)

1. Mix all of the above ingredients
2. Slather this on body while in shower to exfoliate
3. Then gently slough it off with wash cloth

Jessica’s comments:

“I like to use raw cane sugar- brown sugar and sea salt are also nice or try a combination to achieve your desired level of scrubbiness.”

Essential Oil Chest Rub

1. Eucalyptus essential oil
2. Peppermint essential oil
3. Ginger essential oil
4. Tea tree essential oil

1. Add a couple of drops of the each of the above essential oils with any balm or body oil
2. Apply on chest, back and under nose

Jessica’s comments:
“When my girls have allergies or a cold I mix”…(the above)…”to make a salve that I rub on their chest and back as well as under the nose and on the bottoms of their feet.”

Jessica’s product line: The Honest Co.

Hope you all had a great read. Let me know if anyone has read the book or planning to do so. If you have already read the book do share your reviews too. Lets share and care. Meanwhile stay beautiful always!


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