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Himalaya Herbals Moisturizing Aloe Vera Face Wash: Genuine Review



I was vacationing in my home town, Kerala this summer and I went out shopping to buy some necessities. I so necessarily needed a face wash as soap was drying out my skin. That’s when I headed over to the Health and Glow store in the local mall. On that note I love Health and Glow as they have amazing products and they are especially known for their wide collection of natural and organic cosmetic products. They recommended me to try out the Himalaya Herbals Moisturizing Face Wash as it has Vitamin E that moisturizes and of course Aloe vera one of the greatest ingredients when it comes to moisturizing and soothing. More on aloe vera, you can find its benefits and face packs in a post I have done previously. So I went for it. I dint look up for any reviews. I haven’t heard of it before from anyone, nothing! I just went for it based on instinct.

I love the Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Wash. I am like an ardent fan of this face wash. I haven’t done a review on it but I will surely do a review on it in soon. As I have been using it for years now, I wanted to try out something different. I swear by Himalaya Herbals products because I personally feel they are very safe on the skin. So if you guys want to know what I feel about this product then keep on reading.


Im using this product for the first time so my opinions will not have details about how it would feel to have used for it months or the like. Anyways as a first time user I really loved the product and now it’s a part of my everyday face care routine. It gives the right amount of moisture that my skin needs not leaving it greasy but it leaves my skin feeling refreshed, soothed and moisturized.


The face wash comes in a plastic tube with a click on cap and is very convenient to carry around without leakage.


It has a very smooth creamy consistency and it glides well on the skin.


It smells amazing. It smells more like a moisturizing lotion than a face wash, which is good!


It feels great on the skin leaving it refreshed and moisturized but get ready to be left with a tingling cooling sensation due to the presence of menthol and of course it contains cucumber which by nature leaves you with a cooling refreshed sensation. Moreover it is soap free and also does not leave the skin dry or stretched. It does feel moisturized as promised on the package.

Suitable for:

This is great especially for dry skin and specifically effective during winters. It also does not cause any breakouts but effectively removes dirt and build up.

Be careful:

Try not to allow it to enter your eyes as it can leave your eyes with a funny irritating sensation caused by the menthol. I used it continuously in my eye area, in order to remove my eye make up,  for around two weeks or so and it left with sore eyes. Not only was it a bad idea for removing make up but also it does not help much in removing make up. But no worries, the eye issue got cleared after I stopped using it in my eyes . Don’t freak out, its not because the product is not safe or anything, its probably because my eyes are sensitive to the presence of menthol. Its that I should have been a little careful and I want you guys not to do what I did.


I bought this from my home country, India so it cost me Rs. 100 for 100 ml.


The only disappointment I feel about this product is the fact that the ingredient list mentions so many chemical ingredients such as Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate, Cetyl Alcohol, Menthol, Tocopherol to name a few. This is really disappointing when Himalaya (at least according to me) is supposed to be all herbals with little to no usage of chemicals unlike face washes of other brands laden with chemicals.


Himalaya Herbals are known for their natural ingredient usage and mild formulations, so including chemicals and the use of menthol to give that extra cooling effect is not appreciated by a Himalaya fan like myself.


Yes I still recommend this as a good face wash especially for the winter season. I feel this is better than the other face washes that I have come across and I will still be using it since Himalaya Herbals is a brand I trust though I would appreciate it if they really stuck to eliminating the usage of harsh chemicals.

Your opinion:

So this is what I feel. How about you guys? What is your take on the product if you have used it? It may help others who want to try it for the first time.


  • Jyothi

    Hi twinkle! I also use this product..I bought it from one of the Lulu stores here..I was on the look out for a soothing face fash as i have dry and sensitive skin. I’ve been using it for some weeks now and i agree with you, it does do a good job of not drying my skin out or even leaving it skin feels great after using Himalayas aloe Vera face was a much needed relief from spending a fortune on ponds clear face wash that just made my skin extremely dry despite the packaging saying it was for dry skin

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